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Kill La Kill Equals Fun, Sexy and Powerful!

Kill La Kill Cosplay

Kill La Kill Cosplay

Cosplay! It is generally very exciting and everyone seems to love it. In particular for the fan girls there is one costume that they seem to really love and the interpretations of it are always fun, entertaining and interesting. The reasons for the popularity of this one costume are varied. One could say it’s because the costume is so revealing, but then, in this genre, most of them are. Want to know who it is? It is Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill!

Why so popular?

Ryuko’s story is that her father was killed and the only clue she has about who killed him is half of a giant scissor blade. In her quest to find her father’s killer, she enrols in a school she suspects might hold some clues. Things are not normal in the school as she finds out some of the student body control and threaten the rest of the students with the power they derive from their uniforms. To make a long story short, Ryuko challenges one of these students, is soundly trounced, finds her own uniform, comes back and defeats the main antagonist in this particular episode. The consensus in this case is a simple matter of human nature; most people love an underdog! Don’t want to give too much away her, but it is a must watch.

The Costume

This is where there can be a difference of opinion. Generally, Ryuko’s uniform looks like a typical female sailor outfit. It has the little skirt with a slightly copped topped, but not anything really outrageous in the anime world. But when it is activated, it becomes something very different and extremely sexy. It is easier to just bullet them:

– minimal breast coverage

– minimal coverage below the waist

– thigh high leather boots

– the rock and roll hair

So many ladies who admire Ryuko will wear this outfit at Cosplay events, and needless to say it gets lots of attention!

It’s so revealing! Why would anyone wear this costume?

First, if a person has the courage and the confidence to wear such an outfit, then that’s great! Cosplay is all about becoming the person or creature that you are portraying. Although there is a bit of debate that goes on with regard to how sexist this particular costume is, another way to look at it is how empowering it can be. Why not embrace things that celebrate the strength and beauty of the female form? The clothing in this series is about power, so what could possibly be bad about a young woman gaining and owning that power and using it?


Cosplay is really lots of fun. If a person finds a character he or she can identify with, then more the better, no? Cosplay events are a fun place for one to explore other fun aspects of their personalities as well temporarily becoming something or someone they cannot be all the time. And with Ryuko from Kill la Kill, many women find strength and beauty in her character and have fun embracing that.

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