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Things Are Much Easier Now with Just One Place to Take My Kids

I found it it was a real strain to constantly need to take both of my children to a variety of different places all over the city just because my children have very different interests. For example, my son played different sports. My daughter was into dance and crafts. But we found out accidentally that both of them have an interest in riding horses. You can imagine how this saved time for me. As soon as I learned they were both interested in long-term classes, I bought childrens horse riding clothes to help them feel the part and it worked. They loved everything that I purchased for them. While both of them loved different things, such as sports vs. dancing, they love riding much more than they do anything else they have ever done as a recreational hobby.

The way that my children’s new found love started was that my husband and I took the kids out to Kentucky to visit my husband’s brother. (more…)

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Getting Shooting Instruction for My Wife and Children Was a Good Idea

I think every child who is developing normally should have an opportunity to receive professional shooting instruction. My reasoning is that it takes away the mystery of firearms and lets the child know how to handle them with the utmost safety. Plus, it is super fun to go target shooting. I have never enjoyed any sport more in my life. I learned to shoot very young, and I have never had a mishap with a gun. I learned the right way to handle weapons of all sorts. It was rare to have any friends who shot handguns, and coming from a police family I got to shoot many different models from a young age. (more…)

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Get Neoprene Gun Camo Covers Instead of Buying Guns Painted in Camo

I was shopping for a new shotgun for hunting. I hunt in different terrains and in the different seasons we have here. I have some friends who were recommending some different guns with camo finishes. They are very helpful when you are out hunting game with great vision. Even if you are in camo from head to toe, they can spot the gun. The problem is that you would need a different gun for each season or terrain in order for the camo pattern to match. Instead, I got gun camo that slips onto the gun instead. They are made of neoprene and put together to fit specific gun models. They look great and they provide protection for my gun when I am out hunting too. Neoprene is a very durable fabric, and it offers a cushioned surface to absorb bumps as well as protecting against scrapes.

The thing I like the most is that I just slip on a new gun camo cover whenever the terrain or season changes. (more…)

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We Wanted Our Own Space Near My Parent’s Place

My wife and I were tired of living in my parent’s basement. You often hear people joke around to other people with things like, “I bet you live in your parent’s basement,” and for us, that was true. We only meant to stay long enough to get on our feet, but we kept having a variety of setbacks. Despite that, we continued to try to save so that we would soon have a chance at one of the cheap apartments in Asheville NC that are nearby.

After two years of putting money away, we finally felt able to stand on our own two feet. We were both so grateful to my parents, but we needed to be on our own. (more…)

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This Time We Did Not Have to Settle for Things when It Come to Picking an Apartment

When my wife and I decided to move into another apartment instead of buying a home, we had some ground rules we were going by. Some were non-negotiable while others had some flexibility in what we would accept. We did not want to settle for another year’s lease without the place meeting our needs. At the top of our list was fire safety. We wanted to only live in an apartment that had fire sprinklers. When your neighbors are on the other side of the wall and you cannot control what they do, safety is number one. At we found what we were looking for as far as all of our criteria was concerned.

The apartments have fire sprinklers, walk-in closets, washer and dryer hookups (we are not using laundromats or apartment laundries again), and pets are allowed. If there could be two number one spots, the pets allowed policy would share the fire sprinkler one. Both were absolutes. Another absolute was the washer and dryer hookups. (more…)

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We Are Happy with Our Hughesnet Rural Internet Service

We always wanted to live on a working farm. We knew we could only afford a few acres in a rural setting. We planned on growing our own food and raising animals. However, we were used to city water, city sewer systems and cable Internet that seemed unlimited. I was concerned when we would have a well for water, a septic system for the sewer and satellite Internet from Hughesnet rural Internet service. I thought that all of that would be sort of second rate compared to city living. I was concerned how we would adapt.

We had the well water tested and it was perfectly fine for drinking. We added an elaborate filtration system to purify it even more. We use it for cooking, and we have water delivered for drinking. I chose not to drink the water regularly because of a compromised immune system. However, I have never had any ill effects from it. We test it four times per year. (more…)

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